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Concordia University Identity Standards

Dear Concordia Community,

Concordia University maintains a university-wide commitment to our mission, and we recognize your important role in this ongoing effort.

As part of that effort, consistent communication with our audiences - potential and current students, parents, alumni, donors, community members, and others - helps build and sustain Concordia University's reputation and mission of preparing leaders for the transformation of society.

From our Vision 2024 to our brand elements, social media and graphic guidelines, our goal is to communicate and market the University clearly, consistently and in line with our University's commitment to this mission.

Sharing our collective and individual stories - stories of faculty, students, alumni, donors, partners and others - is another important part of this effort. We welcome your submission of news, information, stories, awards, recognitions and celebrations at

This is an exciting time to be a part of Concordia University. Thank you for your role in helping us spread the word about this transformative place.





Statement for Approval of Published Materials:

The Marketing and Communication Department at Concordia University-Portland reviews all materials for publication for mission fit, appropriate content, voice, tone, messaging, brand continuity, and regulatory compliance. Materials are primarily written in this department and sent to department and program heads for editing and approval. Once finalized, these approved messages and materials are then produced and distributed. Materials that are not written inside Marketing and Communications are to be proofed and edited by Marketing and Communications before being published by author of material.