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Trip Registration Request Form

The form is for reserving Vans for transportation.

The vans will be rented with the following expectations

· You must provide a registered driver with CU. If not available Campus Safety will try to find one from Motor Pool

· Requests will be filled on a First Come-First Serve basis

· Once approved you will receive an email confirmation

· Priority will be given to day trips over overnight trips for Concordia University Vans

· If vans are booked or unavailable Campus Safety will assist in arranging a private reservation

· Please allow 24hrs for response

If you are making a same-day request, please go to the Campus Safety desk at Hagen Computer Lab/Front Desk and complete the Trip Registration Request form in person.  Thank you

How many vehicles requested?
There are two Concordia vans, any additional vans will require renting a van from a commercial firm. Campus Safety will arrange that for you.
Names of qualified drivers. All drivers must be a minimum of 21 years old.